I’m a passionate professionist about information and communication technology with depth knowledge of both the technical and organizational aspects. I’m also a developer. In 1992 I approach Internet world immediatly with the opportunity to use this new and unknown network at the university campus.
From 1993 to 1998 I founded and manage one of the first Internet provider in Treviso, my skills are networking, linux systems and security and server management in a small/medium datacenter.
Between 1998 and 2002, the experience in two big company in the Nord-est area of Italy give me my first management and technical support skills required to construct and develop a successfull commercial strategic profile and develop organizational business with precise targets. In 2002 I join in the team of GFP, a high-end business company, leader in commercial printed communication. In twelve years in this company my skills are used to integrate ICT in standard communication process and give a new life to communication strategy for the big clients of this company. Now I’m a consultant and I use my IT skills to promote digital trasformation in many small and medium companies. I try to combine technical aspects and organizational/strategic aspects to make technology active and useful for business development and to have the opportunity to make the company grow up fast.
Today my special topics are digital transformation, business restyling, marketing and communication and internet of things project.
I’m always in the path of innovation to best communicate with partners and customers.

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