Internet of Things: what’s the values ?

The Internet of Things—sensors and actuators connected by networks to computing systems—has received enormous attention over the past five years.
We expect in three/four years that this new paradigm became an innovation process integrated in all the working and personal area for peoples.

The potential of Internet of Things can be used in:

Factories (Industry 4.0): operation managemnt, data analysis, maintainance, predictive support, integration and automation

Cities (Smart Cities): public safety and health, traffic control and optimization, resource management

Human Health (and Lifestyle): monitoring and managing life, illness, improving wellness and well beeing

Retail: innovation on payment, self-checkout, digital promotions, smart relationship with customers, layout optimization

Outside: logistics routing, autonomous driving vehicles, navigation, avoid incidents

Work sites: operation management, equipment maintance, health and safety

Homes (Smart Home/Domotics): energy management, safety and security, automation, lifestyle renew

Office (Smart Office): organization redesign, smart working, monitoring, augmented reality training, e-learning

and many other things that I want to imagine with you!

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